<h2>Wool… what else?<br />
<span>Our easy-care wool range is here</span></h2>

Wool… what else?
Our easy-care wool range is here

Wool and functional fibres are quite simply a dream team. Especially when the temperature starts to rise. So we have rolled up our sleeves and developed a complete range of easy-care mixed wools. All articles are pleasantly soft against the skin, temperature-regulating, crease-free and still on top form after umpteen washes. Ideal for at home or on the road.
Conti from W. Wegener

<h2>Moving times<br />
<span>Always on the move with the new Kansas</span></h2>

Moving times
Always on the move with the new Kansas

With its comfortable rise and leg width, freedom of movement wears the trousers when it comes to the new Kansas. Comfort fit is written large with these 5-pocket trousers, yet the silhouette remains beautifully slim. And since the Kansas comes in all conceivable summer colours, it could be worth having more than one pair in your wardrobe.
Kansas from Meyer

<h2>Casual dress<br />
<span>Take it easy with our Runner jogging pants</span></h2>

Casual dress
Take it easy with our Runner jogging pants

The jogging style is among the front runners again this season. The Runner has a modern and comfortable cut and looks just as good with a jacket as it does with a polo shirt. With a casual drawstring waist and beautiful washed denim in jogging style or pure linen, this particular casual look will be an eye-catcher wherever you go.
Runner from W. Wegener


<h2>Go with the flow<br />
<span>Our fashionable, new River model</span></h2>

Go with the flow
Our fashionable, new River model

River is the name of our new model with a fashionable cut that strikes the eye immediately. It comes in bold and brilliant colours that are easily combined to ensure high spirits. Compact flap pockets give the River a relaxed yet eminently presentable look. Discover them today!
River from W. Wegener

<h2>Absolute must-haves:<br />
<span>Shirts, shirts, shirts!</span></h2>

Absolute must-haves:
Shirts, shirts, shirts!

You can never have enough lightweight casual shirts in your wardrobe. And fortunately, W. Wegener has a wide selection of different designs, including fresh stripes, creative prints and floral patterns. All of them in comfortable stretch jersey or ultra-lightweight poplin. Take a look at what’s on offer here.
Shirts from W. Wegener