Winterproof with thermo-lining
Meyer / Bonn

Winter can come with our Bonn as a winter model. With a very fashionable fit and a trendy, checked flannel lining you are perfectly equipped. The super-soft, high-stretch, Pima cotton twill comes in a fashionable 3D structure and attractive colours.

Soft fibres,
strong future
Organic cotton

Did you know: Organic cotton fibres are more stable, softer and more pleasant to wear. But that’s not all, Textiles made from organic cotton last much longer. Which is great for your pocket and great for the environment.
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Fine stripes,
great effect
W. Wegener / Rover

Stripes are a major trend this season and we recommend wearing them as a sportive combination. Trousers and leather jacket appear masculine yet highly fashionable. For the fabric, we have used Italian organic cotton, feeling so soft and cozy you could dream of.

Natural comfort in every detail
Meyer / Monza

Comfortable yet chic, so you can face the day with ease. The check design gives the classically Monza cut a sporty look. Interesting decorative features provide a perfect finish to the design. Best of all: It’s organic cotton!

Why pure organic cotton?
For good reason:

Chemical pesticides and fertilizers are completely prohibited. No genetically modified plants may be used to grow organic cotton. And organic agriculture is more water efficient and encourages biodiversity.
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Wanted: slim fit
Double’U / Vigor

No matter what you have planned for today: slim-fit trousers are always a good choice. With a stylishly slim fit, yet extremely comfortable, they’ll accompany you right through the day – and even through the night. And your look never grows old, because models such as the Vigor come in bold trend colours. Sporty and chic when teamed with a polo shirt, making your outfit suitable for uni, office and party.

Winterproof materials
Ready for your Warm up?

Our thermoline includes surface-compacting materials that stop cold from passing through the fabric as well as soft jersey bonded fabrics that are ideal for turn-ups. This will keep you warm and stylish throughout the winter.

Thermal jeans
Ready for your Warm up?

What a cool exterior and a warm interior. Fine Thermolite fibres offer warmth and comfort in colder days.

Lining makes the difference
Ready for your Warm up?

From the outside, a classic and elegant jeans trousers. Inside, a high-quality material to store body heat and keep you warm.

Fine cord
Ready for your Warm up?

Back in fashion and a warm companion in winter. Shown here with an elastic flannel lining in a check design.