We will be presenting our new
spring/summer collection 2021

M-Fashion Showroom, Moskau
15.07.2020 – 10.09.2020

Leninski Prospekt 113/1
Office E-703
117198 Moskau

08 – 12.08.2020

If you are planning to visit us,
please contact us.

Naturally colourful
Meyer / Monza

Your trusted companion this winter is the Monza in khaki, olive, blue and copper. This model is made from high-quality cotton, refined with added stretch. With its appealing structured fabric, these fashionable new winter colours strike the right note at work and at dinner.

Soft fibres,
strong future
Organic cotton

Did you know: Organic cotton fibres are more stable, softer and more pleasant to wear. But that’s not all, Textiles made from organic cotton last much longer. Which is great for your pocket and great for the environment.
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Organic Cotton as a standard
The new W. Wegener Collection

Experience a collection that looks great and helps you feel fantastic. Okotex-certified production, fair working conditions and sustainable production criteria are already a matter of course for us. So we play our part in creating a brighter future for all.
W. Wegener

Suits and Stripes!
W. Wegener / Nelson

Italian Biella wool is a true masterpiece. And these finewool fabrics come in many different patterns. Here, for example, as a suit combination with plain trousers and a fashionable striped jacket. Just ask for your favourite!

Exciting design,
natural fashion
W. Wegener / Conti

The Conti model is a real all-rounder. Here you can see this classic business model in a sporty, houndstooth design. We have chosen supremely soft organic cotton from the United States, further refined with high-quality stretch.

Why pure organic cotton?
For good reason:

Chemical pesticides and fertilizers are completely prohibited. No genetically modified plants may be used to grow organic cotton. And organic agriculture is more water efficient and encourages biodiversity.
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Casual from
head to toe
W. Wegener / Joggpants

Casual or chic? Jogging pants can do both. Whether with elasticated bottoms or roll-up trouser legs, these trendy casual models have found a permanent place in our winter wardrobe now.

W. Wegener / Rover

Our thermoline includes surface-compacting materials that stop cold from passing through the fabric. As well as soft jersey bonded fabrics that are ideal for turn-ups.

No half measures:
360° responsible fashion

Our trousers are manufactured sustainably in the EU and in accordance with Fairtrade and STEP by Okotex guidelines. They are made in safe and socially responsible workplaces, with tested materials or organic cotton and in environmentally friendly facilities.

Simple, chic, very masculine: Satin
W. Wegener / Conti

This winter, satin shows off its masculine side with a thick, warm surface structure. But don’t be deceived: The dual-fix fabric is extremely lightweight and is therefore the ideal choice for winter days in the office.

Ready for your
Warm up?

The thermoline collection will keep you warm and stylish throughout the winter, during long days at the trade fair or festive days with the family. All models are lined with cuddly soft flannel and the trouser bottoms can be rolled up to display a chic checked design.