Ultimate comfort
all day long
Meyer / Oslo

Thanks to its clever waistband design, our Oslo style offers an additional 5 cm of freedom of movement on each side, especially convenient for traveling. Made from super lightweight cotton with a flamé design and vibrant colours, these Oslo is really eye-catching.

Great premiere:
W. Wegener Women

We are really excited: This summer W. Wegener is presenting its very first light and airy women’s collection. From elegant to casual, W. Wegener Women captures the spirit of modern women, who feel confident in every situation and wish to be perfectly dressed. And because not all women are the same, the new line launches with numerous individual models.
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Linen – a must-have for
hot summer days
Meyer / Bonn

Cool, summerly and easy-care! Thanks to the mixture of cotton and linen, creases and wrinkles are minimized. The portion of cotton gives the trousers more stability while the special character and the lightness of linen remain.

Into the blue
W. Wegener / Cosmo

Italian cotton woven in a fashionable jacquard pattern, yarn-dyed, making the rich, bold colours exceptionally colourfast. The cool graphic pattern results in a very fashionable look. The fabric also has a soft-touch finish for a pleasant feel.

Why pure organic cotton?
For good reason

Chemical pesticides and fertilizers are completely prohibited. No genetically modified plants may be used to grow organic cotton. And organic agriculture is more water efficient and encourages biodiversity.
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Wool, what else
W. Wegener / Reno & Nelson

The luxury of 100% pure Italian wool. A fashionable herringbone design with colored backside and the perfect fit provide this suit with all necessary features to become the favorite in your wardrobe. The high-quality fabric with super soft touch ensures pleasant wearing comfort all day long.

Small details make
the difference
W. Wegener / Martha

The high percentage of Modal is the material of choice for these elegant trousers, providing it with the smooth, flowing bodyline for a perfect style. Wide long legs form the shape underlining a very female silhouette, same time wonderful airy and comfortable to wear.

Like ice in the sunshine
W. Wegener / Chiva

This modern, figure-hugging style combines an excellent fit with a sporty yet elegant design. The high-quality cotton with elastane and technical fibers guarantees maximum freedom of movement and the highest level of comfort. This article is available in many feminine and fashionable colours.

Sustainable denim
W. Wegener / Wanda

Authentic denim, made from organic cotton in a fashionable flared fit. Subtle washouts and scrapings create a particularly casual denim look. Shape-retaining and easy-care, these trousers look even better after every wash.

Life is light with linen
W. Wegener / Stella

The soft and airy quality in 100% pure linen offers all what you require from airy summer trousers, ideal for city-shopping or vacation. The fabric breathes, cools and gives a light and pleasant feeling at the same time, easy washable und always coming back to good shape.