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Whether colours, cuts, buttons or seams – our high quality standard runs through all our textiles.

Everything we design at M-Fashion in Germany is manufactured at our own European production sites with great attention to detail and a wealth of expertise. So you can be sure that the M-Fashion quality standard is maintained throughout all the stages of production.

To enable us to make this guarantee, all production stages underlie an exemplary quality management system. We keep a consistently stringent eye on our textiles, as you can see from the certifications that are renewed on an annual basis by the applicable inspection authorities.



  • The colours of our trousers and jackets are exceptionally lightfast, keeping their original colours even after many washes.

    When selecting our colours we have put great effort into establishing a colour palette that ensures excellent combinability with the rest of your wardrobe.

  • We use elastic seams sewn with quality thread for all our trousers, as well as robust, four-hole buttons that withstand even the greatest of strains.

  • Our garment linings are highly breathable, pleasant against the skin, as well as offering unrestricted comfort. Trouser linings extend to below the knee in all our sizes to ensure that your trousers retain their good shape even on the knees.

  • Our fabrics are prewashed to stop any shrinkage in length or width, so they remain on top form at all times.

  • We only use brand-name metal zips. They don’t get stuck, break or pinch. In fact there’s only one thing they do: function properly at all times.

  • Our trousers are equipped with a safety loop to ensure your belt always stays in place, preventing any slippage.

  • Trousers with an elastic waistband offer an extra degree of comfort. Our trousers also have a special strip of rubber that runs around the inside of the waistband. So shirts and t-shirts cannot escape.

  • An invisible safe pocket provides a safe hiding place for the small but important things in life. It is concealed within the side pocket and is closed by a delicate zip.

  • Our foot widths vary according to the style of cut between 42 and 44 cm. You can find out more in the rubric: Cuts.



Pure virgin wool


We use pure virgin wool from the Italian town of Biella, which is renowned for its high-quality wool processing. The wool is extraordinarily soft, almost crease-free, breathable and pleasant against the skin. It keeps you warm in winter and ensures a pleasantly airy comfort in summer.

Many of our business trousers are made from virgin wool additionally blended with silk or cashmere.



Comfortable, soft, smooth yet non-slip: We use Pima cotton, one of the longest and finest fibres in the world, in our own manufacturing facilities. Pima cotton is also anti-allergenic, chemical-free, warming in winter and cooling in summer.

We source almost all of our cotton from German cotton weavers, who process the fabric using different methods to give it such pleasant wearing properties and valuable functionality.



  • By adding an aloe vera extract to our fabrics they become soft yet non-slip. Moreover, aloe vera has a protective, beneficial and soothing effect on the skin; it reduces stress and promotes the healthy circulation of blood through the skin.

  • An intelligent functional thread that ensures optimal regulation of bodily temperature. Special microcapsules in the fabric compensate for swings in temperature. So whether it is warm or cold outside is no longer of prime importance. You can enjoy continuously pleasant comfort thanks to climate control.

  • This function is actually a small revolution. Fabrics with nano technology are water, oil, dirt and dust repellent. They are easy to care for, breathable and regulate body temperature, as well as providing UV protection and being exceptionally robust.

  • Smartcel clima fabrics offer perfect thermo-regulating properties. They absorb excessive body heat to generate a cooling effect. They also return stored heat to the body in cooler temperatures, thus offering optimal temperature regulation in all climates.

  • Here’s a top tip: Fabrics with a reflector function do not heat up when exposed to the sun, instead they remain pleasantly cool to the touch. And thanks to reliable UV protection (minimum UPF 30), your skin is also protected from UV rays.

  • In trousers with a thermo line function, the lining material absorbs and stores body heat. This gives you maximum protection outdoors and a pleasant warmth in the office or at home.

  • Trousers enriched with special T400 fibres keep their shape at all times. They offer a perfect fit and are fast drying and easy care – making baggy knees a thing of the past.

  • It couldn’t be easier – now you can save yourself the trip to the dry cleaners. Simply put your washable wool trousers in your washing machine at home, dry them and they’re ready to wear again. There’s no need to iron them either because washable wool is crease-free.

  • W. Wegener pure virgin wool trousers blended with cashmere not only cut an elegant figure, they are also exceptionally pleasant to wear. The fabric makes them lightweight, yet thermo-regulating so they can be worn the whole year around.

  • Naturally chic, naturally good: Linen trousers combine a fashionable look with optimum wearing comfort. And thanks to environmentally friendly natural fibres, they give you a good feeling right across the board. That’s not all: This lightweight, cooling fabric is also anti-allergenic and protects against UV rays.

  • Fabrics made from extra-long, extra-fine Peruvian cotton fibres are softer and have a smoother surface, with an exceptionally exclusive look and feel. They are also easy care and wonderfully robust.

  • A particularly fine mix: wool and silk. Woollen fabrics blended with silk make them just a touch softer and more fluid.

  • They just look great together and harmonise extraordinarily well: This cotton mix unites the benefits of fine, soft and comfortable virgin wool with the easy-care properties and resilience of cotton.

  • Pure wool is virgin wool that has never been processed. Pure wool fabrics, also called ‘super wools’, are classified by the thread count or fineness of the yarn, which is measured in micrometres. The finer the fabric, the finer the count, meaning more fibres are used per square centimetre of cloth. Super wool 100, for example, has 18.75 micrometres per square centimetre and is an exceptionally fine cloth.

  • The lightest natural fibre in the world combined with the finest Pima cotton – making a truly premium quality fabric. Exclusive trousers made from kapok not only feel light and silky against the skin, they are also thermo-regulating, anti-allergenic and 100% biologically degradable.

  • Excellent elasticity for maximum wearing comfort. The garment adapts perfectly to the body and retains its shape even after frequent wear.